The Weathtime Private Client Service. Hold a wide range of products and a choice of investments. Available for each product.

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Our Products.
Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP).

The SIPP can hold a range of collective investments, which are held in a tax efficient way, free of most UK taxes on income and capital gains.

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Our Products.
Individual Savings Account (ISA).

Our Stocks and Shares ISA is available to those wishing to invest. Investors can use up to their full annual ISA allowance to hold investments, in a tax-efficient environment.

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Our Products.
Personal Investment Portfolio (PIP).

The PIP can hold a variety of investments. Cash and existing investments may be transferred in or out.

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Our Products.
Offshore Bond.

As part of our Private Client Service you can access Offshore Bonds from a range of providers.

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The Wealthtime Private Client Service enables funds to be invested very much as you and your Financial Adviser wish.

You can choose from a wide range of retail investments such as stocks, shares, deposit accounts, OEICS and Unit Trusts. These are available from fund managers and investment providers in the UK, overseas and offshore.

The Wealthtime Funds List is also available. This offers discounted charges on many unit trusts and OEICS and gives your Financial Adviser access to a wide range of funds.

It may also be possible to access approved Stockbrokers for dealing in stocks and shares. Clients will have access  to Designated Product Bank Accounts with Barclays Bank.

See our Literature Library for more information.

The Wealthtime Private Client Service is administered by Wealthtime Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Wealthtime recommends that before making a decision regarding this service and the investments you should contact your Financial Adviser.
Wealthtime Trustees Limited is not regulated by the FCA as it does not perform any regulated activities.

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